Best Practices For Selling Lots Of Stickers

All of this information has been learned from several months of plant sticker sales in a few different locations: 

  • Boutique houseplant shop
  • Small garden center
  • Local flower shop w/houseplants

Through lots of trial and error, we have set our MAP for 1 sticker at $3.00 (50% margin). However, most stores have no problem selling individual stickers for $4.00 (62.5% margin) which is the MSRP. This pricing is on par with the industry standard for a 3" sticker of our quality so that's where we recommend starting out. You may also want to try:

Many stores find success in creating sticker bundles: 3 for $9 and or 5 for $15 at slightly reduced margins (~50%)

Step 1: Get A Good Display(s)

Lots of options available, here are a few very cost effective, space conscious choices and where to get them:

Business Card Holders:

Small -

Large -


Rotating Business Card Holder:


Our Wooden Display:

Can fit up to 5-8 stickers in a stack

Buy direct from us here

Many other displays are out there, if your looking to spend more $ and get something classy, check out these custom card holders on Etsy

Step 2: Location, Location, Location!

We tried a couple A/B tests with location and found that when stickers are placed on the checkout counter, close to your CC machine, you're ~60% more likely to capture a sale compared to pretty much anywhere else in the store. This in turn boosted each sale by and average of 15%.  

Make it impossible for the customer to not see while checking out and not only will you be more likely get a sale, it's a great icebreaker for shy customers. 

Step 3: Rotate With New Designs

There will be customers that are sticker obsessed. I know, it was an interesting phenomenon for me too. Let's keep them happy and coming back to your store on a regular basis! It's human nature to collect coveted items after all :)

We'll do our best to create and make new designs available every month. When we release a new 10 pack I'll be sure to send out an email with the details. In the mean time, check back every so often and see what we have. Chances are, I'll just add new designs as they are made.

What Style Sells Best?

Whenever I ask hardcore plant hobbyists (including store owners) what style they like more, it's always the same answer- "The more natural, realistic ones".

However... When it comes to more casual houseplant owners, our original, brightly colored stickers do much better. It really just comes down to your customer base. I suggest trying an equal amount of both and seeing what works best for your unique store and clientele. 

If you have any creative solutions or have any sticker experience worth sharing, please email me! Thanks again.