Why Our Stickers Are The Best!

There's a lot of cheap, low quality stickers out there... They all suffer from the same problems: 

  1. Not waterproof
  2. Fade in the sun
  3. Rip easily
  4. Leave a mess behind when it time to remove (destroyed)

We make all of our stickers from high quality vinyl that won't tear, scratch or leave behind much if any residue when removed from most surfaces. 

Our Stickers:

  • Waterproof
  • Dishwasher-proof (perfect for mugs and bottles) 
  • UV resistant (won't fade from direct sunlight)
  • Scratch and tear resistant
  • Easily removed in one piece (won't leave behind a mess and are re-stickable!)
  • Great for indoor/outdoor use (even windows, plant pots, etc.) 

All of these features combined are why we can easily retail our stickers for $4.00/ea. This is the MSRP for our stickers. Our MAP price for 1 sticker is $3.00

Ultimately, I find that people with niche hobbies are always looking for subtle ways to share their interest with the world. I was in that boat (aquarium hobby) and why I decided to spare no expense when it came to our products. I wanted something that I and store owners alike could stand behind 100%. Even if it's just a sticker, I think its still really important.   

If you have any more questions about our stickers, please use the contact form or email Mike: houseplantstickers@gmail.com